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Question: What ordering system is used at B+labs for lab equipment, instrumentation, reagents, consumables, etc.?

Answer: B+labs is listed as a “Ship To” address in the BioLabs Marketplace system: B+labs resident companies can set up an account with Marketplace to streamline their orders and receive pre-negotiated discounts. All other accounts should be set up by resident companies. 

Company accounts can also be setup for the ThermoFisher Supply Centers (lab vending units on the 3rd and 4th Floors). Please reach out to Izabela Nelson at ThermoFisher ( to begin this process.


Question: How do I off/onboard employees?

Answer: notification is important to ensure both B+labs and the requesting company have the most up to date information re access status (security), systems and data integrity, lab operations, etc. around specific employees. Companies should reach out to both Crisbel Baez and Tim Lutz ( / to handle the onboarding and offboarding processes at B+labs.


Question: What is the PPE and glove policy in the shared spaces and lab hallways?

Answer: PPE protocols are expected to be followed while working in shared spaces.  This includes the use of appropriate PPE for protection against any anticipated or recognized hazard.  The transport and handling of any laboratory-related materials is to be confined to laboratory and shared equipment adjacent hallways/corridors.  There is signage demarcating these areas.  PPE is not to be worn in administrative or kitchen areas.  Gloves that have been in contact with hazardous materials (biological or chemical) shall be doffed while inside the laboratory or shared space.  Do not touch door handles or elevator buttons with contaminated gloves.  Utilize a one glove method – meaning don a new glove on the hand that will be holding the materials to be transported.  Hazardous materials should be transported in secondary containers when traversing between labs and shared areas.  If necessary, utilize a cart for the safe transport of materials.


Question: Where are the lab coats?

Answer: Lab coats (provided by Aramark) are located in the 3rd Floor Dry Storage area (301) and in the 4th Floor Locker area (447). Please use these lab coats at your convenience and deposit dirty coats in the provided bins in the same locations. Aramark will handle the laundry services and return coats. If special sizes are needed, please contact


Question: How does B+labs handle holiday staffing?

Answer: B+labs staff observes the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and following Fri., and Christmas Day. B+labs staff also has floating holidays and standard vacation time packages. During the designated holidays, B+labs staff will not be onsite (excepting emergencies or special circumstances). During all other days, B+labs will have at least two employees onsite.


Question: What is the visitor policy at B+labs?

Answer: visitors (Board members, co. partners, vendors, investors, etc.) are certainly welcome at B+labs and can be provided temporary access cards for convenience in most instances (visits over more than 24 hours). We do ask that each visitor sign in at the Front Desk (2nd Floor) so that we have a record of their presence and a point of contact at the associated company. Please notify Crisbel Baez ( if a temporary access card will be requested. We also ask that companies be responsible for vistors/guests and ensure polite and professional behavior. 

It is possible for B+labs to add Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to the B+labs visitor login system. Please notify Crisbel Baez ( if this is desired for your company.


Question: How do I access WiFi?

Answer: the following information details the B+labs WiFi access information and features.

SSID: BlabsPublic
Password: BLabs2929Arch
Features    : Wifi- 6 Capable
: Secured using WPA2 with Layer 2 isolation (WiFi clients cannot communicate with each other; only to internet and shared devices, e.g. printers, conference room equipment, etc).
: Redundant Firewalls and Gigabit internet from disparate providers and paths.

Intranet Access will be granted via an automated email process. New/onboarding employees of B+labs-located companies will a receive an email via their documented work address. Please complete the included steps to receive a login and password process that will enable B+labs intranet access. If there are issues receiving access, please contact: