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The Network

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The Network

Industry / CRO

B+labs has also implemented an Innovative Medicines Collaboration (IMC) with Daiichi Sankyo (DSI), the second-largest Japanese-headquartered global pharmaceutical company ( Under this CMI, DSI will sponsor a selected company developing therapeutic assets and/or platform technologies relevant to DSI’s growing pipeline to operate from B+labs. This program will launch March 01, 2023. B+labs will look to further integrate industry partners into the site and replicate these types of sponsored asset development and pipeline growth initiatives.

Further unique collaborations with industry or CRO partners will be added to this section as those relationships are built out in 2023 and beyond.

Recruiting Talent

B+labs is putting in place a number of avenues for companies to recruit talented science- and business-educated individuals. Both Phila.-centric and national/international searches will be supported through multiple avenues listed below.

B+labs has a relationship with the Penn Biotech Group and their Nucleate-Phila. organization to post open positions with B+labs-based companies on the website. Please reach out to Gabrielle Blizard  ( with further questions. 

Drexel University is also supporting B+labs-based cos. with access to talent, as well as access to their Cooperative Education (Co-op) program. Gregory Law ( is the best point of contact to formulate a Co-op program with Drexel.

Additional connections to talent are available via the B+labs team and their prior connections to industry and a number of life science-focused “community” groups. Please reach out to Matthew Burkhardt ( if you are looking for private channels or connections (Slack, etc.) that support talent engagement.

Other Ecosystems, Founders, etc.

B+labs is also connected to a number of life science entrepreneurial ecosystems in the US as well as the UK. This network includes founders and emerging companies, additional laboratory spaces and incubator/accelerator programs, supporting preclinical and clinical organizations (CROs), patient advocacy groups, venture capital, etc. Our most notable affiliation is with Nucleate-Philadelphia, an entrepreneurial group of undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate level individuals interested in entrepreneurship and innovation activities in the life science space (company creation, venture capital, etc.). We will continue to expand this section under specific categories.

B+labs is also a fan of the content that be found around Biotech Clubhouse, Endpoints News, Fierce Biotech, STAT News, Derek Lowe’s In The Pipeline, and the general BioTwitter community. Many of these outlets tend to have a high signal-to-noise ratio and are relevant to the community here at B+labs. 

B+labs does have a subscription to Endpoints News ( that resident companies can access free of charge.
Password: BLabs2929Arch

B+labs Slack Comms

B+labs uses a Slack channel ( for a number of internal communication verticals. We have built a set of internal topic channels to facilitate general B+labs-wide communications as well as inter-company communication. We hope that this can support B+labs’ communication with cos. as well as communications between cos. around topics such as: access to reagents, instrument and/or vendor recommendations, conferences, and shared knowledge around CROs, talent sourcing, funding, grants, local resources, etc. This will also include more fun topics around activities in Phila. and the immediate region, restaurants and bars, upcoming local events, etc.

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