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Lab Space / Layouts

The floorplans below show the 3rd and 4th Floors at B+labs.

Equipment/Instruments & Manuals

Below is the complete list of equipment and instruments available to B+labs-resident companies. Links to equipment and instrument manuals are included below  A legend can also be found detailing the Lab Room location of each instrument.

Rules and Regulations

The simple rule for collegial operations within shared spaces (lab, conference, and office) at B+labs is to leave shared workspace and or equipment and instruments in the same or better condition than when you found them. Many instruments within shared spaces are required to be left in a particular setting, and we kindly ask that you leave any instrument in next-user-ready-condition. We also ask that any data generated from a particular instrument is cleared from the screen and each user/company log off after procedure completion.


B+labs uses a security badge access system for all labs and external access points, including freight elevators. Each company employee will be onboarded with the issuance of a security badge to include name and photograph. If you have not received a badge or have lost or suspect your badge stolen, please contact Crisbel Baez at (we do urge expediency if you believe your badge has been lost or stolen). We also request that visitors and/or guests complete the Visitor Access login at the Front Desk (2nd Floor).

Security footage (video surveillance) is constant within the lab and office spaces at B+labs. If there is a security concern regarding the lab and or office space, please communicate the concern to Bob Rovinsky ( B+labs retains security tapes for 90 days and will be able to access and review data as requested to resolve any situations.

If a security event takes place within Cira Centre, but outside of B+labs, B+labs will assist in coordinating with Cira Centre to the best of our ability.

Shipping and Mail

The Cira Center Mailroom is located in the rear lobby and is accessible via the freight elevator access points on Floors 2, 3, and 4 (press ‘L’ on the freight elevator). Please use your B+labs access card to move between these floors on the freight elevator. Crisbel Baez (, is the primary point of contact.


Scheduling user times on tissue culture, instruments, and conference rooms is really the grease that keeps the wheels turning. When experimental plans collide, this can have impactful consequences for users given the time-sensitive nature of many experiments. As such, B+labs uses the Roomzilla scheduling system: Each company and on-site employee at B+labs should have received an invitation to join the B+labs Roomzilla scheduling system. If you have not, please contact Crisbel Baez at